We learnt the Agnus Dei, which Sam described as beginning in a mysterious mood in a minor key, followed by a more cheerful middle section.  He felt it has some similarities to the Mozart Requiem.

Throughout the movement we should focus on the vowel sounds and breathe when there is a comma in the text.

Last bar of P60 says solo, but ignore this!
Bar 32 cresc to Nobis in bar 33.  Take quaver off last note in bar 33.
Bar 34 cresc to pacem in bar 35.  Take quaver off last note in bar 35.
Cut short the last note in Bar 37.
No breaths in bars 39 and 41.
Cut short the last note in Bar 43.

P62 bar 55, be gentle on ‘cem’ on first note.

P63, No breath at end of bar 60.
Bars 65-70 should have the same markings as bars 32-37.

P65, watch out for the sudden slowing of the tempo.

Next week we will go over the Kyrie and the tricky bits of the Agnus Dei.  We will then start the Gloria, including the solo bits.