This week we started the Credo – the most difficult movement, not because of the music but because of all the words!  The text is not as familiar and the words are a bit of a mouthful.

Sam gave us a lot of instructions about where to breathe. I have tried to repeat them all here – apologies for any missing.

In general, you can breathe whenever there is a comma in the text.
P29-P30 bars 7 and 8, note that the word is ‘terrae’ not ‘terra’.
P30 breathe at end of bar10.
No breath between ‘Dominum’ and ‘Jesum’ in bar 15.
P31 knock off the dot on the first note of bar 17 to allow time for a breath.
Bar 19, breathe between ‘genitum’ and ‘et’.
P33 NB No breath at comma in bar 33.
Bar 34, breathe at comma.
Bar 35, ‘ti’ is pronounced ‘tsi’.
P34 bar 44, breathe after salutem.
P35 bar 46, make the first note a crotchet to allow for a breath.
Bar 48 No breath between 2nd and 3rd notes.
Bar 49, breathe where you like but not when your neighbour breathes!
Bar 53, no breath.
P36 bars 55 and 56, no breaths.
P37 big breath in bar 67
No breath in 69.
Bar 73 take out a crotchet to allow for a breath.
P38 pause in bar 77.
P40 breathe between bars 111 and 112
And again after ‘cantem’ in bar 113.
P41 first syllable is pronounced ‘che’.

We finished with the Agnus Dei starting from bar 32 – a section we know quite well.

Next week we will continue with the Credo, return to the Benedictus and possibly the Kyrie.