This week we were able to sing to Suzy’s ‘backing track’.  We started with the Kyrie and finished with the Benedictus.  Singing with Suzy’s accompaniment and some sections sung by Sam made the whole experience much more real and enjoyable.

In between we worked hard to finish learning the Credo.
P41 bar 123, take a breath after the second beat before ‘et’
P43 bar 141, the key changes to D major and the alto note is crucial – F sharp!

Next week we will sing the Gloria and the Sanctus.

Henrietta reported back from the discussions at the Trustees meeting on Monday.

Zoom rehearsals will continue for the rest of this term but sadly we will not be able to put on a concert at Easter.

The Summer term begins on Tuesday 20th April and rehearsals will be by Zoom to begin with.  We hope to be able to move back to the WNC after 21st June with a concert of cheerful music at the end of July.  This will of course be subject to the restrictions in place at the time.  We will canvas members’ feelings about in person rehearsals after Easter.

By the autumn term we hope to be back to a more normal situation with rehearsals at the WNC and a concert on December 4th at St. John’s Farncombe.  We are planning a crowd pulling programme to draw in support!