We are nearing Easter and the end of term.  As we will not be able to put on a public performance of the Salieri, Sam has suggested that at the last rehearsal on March 30th we sing the whole work through and make an occasion of it.  More details next week.

This week we revisited the Agnus Dei, the Gloria and the Credo.  We sang the fugue from the Gloria at a much slower speed and then worked up by degrees to a reasonably fast speed that we thought we could manage.  Thank you Sam – this was just what we needed.  Next week, be prepared for anything.  We might even sing the whole thing!

Amanda reported that she and Heather had met with Penny Rivers (Godalming Mayor) to talk about setting up ‘Godalming Arts’ with the aim of encouraging participation in the arts post lockdown.  There will be a website for publicity and to help coordinate activities to avoid clashes.
Next December, we will probably be involved in the ‘Lights On’ ceremony and the Mayor’s Carol Service.
June 2022 is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and big celebrations are planned – an opportunity for a big concert?