Welcome back to a new term, a new year – and new restrictions!

Rehearsals will continue on Zoom for some time.  There was a good turnout for the first rehearsal of the Salieri mass in D.  Between 35 and 40 members joined for all or part of the session.

Sam introduced the piece by telling us that, whilst not one of the greats, it is lovely music with some lovely melodies.  It is in D major, a key that is often chosen for cheery music – apparently it is a good key for trumpets!

We started at the beginning with the Kyrie.

In general, take a breath whenever there is a comma in the text.
At the bottom of P1, take a crochet out of the long note and take a big breath for the next phrase.
Gradual cresc from bar 17 to bar 22.
From bar 32, there are echoes of bar 9.  In the repeated phrases on P3, lean into the middle of the phrase and ease off on ‘eleison’.
Cresc bar 52, then ease off bar 54.
On P5, sops make sure to sing C sharp in bar 60 and C natural in bar 62.
Bar 65 adagio should be a broader, fatter sound, with a feeling of ‘wait for it’!
Note that bar 70 is not a dotted rhythm.

Next week we will learn the Agnus Dei.