This week we revisited the Agnus Dei and then continued with the Gloria.

In the Agnus Dei, Sam reminded us of the places we are allowed to breathe and the dynamics:
No breath between bars 41and 42
Cut short the note on ‘cem in bar 43
Big cresc bars 59-60, but no breath before sudden p in bar 61
Breathe at end of bar77 – put in a quaver rest.

We then moved on to the Gloria:
Bars 32-35 – some altos to sing the Sop2 line
In bar 48, make sure the vowel sound lasts for 4 beats and the ‘s’ comes right at the end of the bar.
Breathe at the end of bar 53
Take a crotchet out of the last note in bar 55
No breath at the end of bar 58
No breath between bars 59 and 60
Put a smiley face above bar 65 to get a warm sound
Bar 83, cresc on ‘miserere’ towards bar ‘re’ in 85
Likewise bars 87 to 89
Dim bar 91

Throughout the piece, remember that ‘i’ should be pronounced as an ‘ee’ sound.