This week we began with the Agnus Dei – the uplifting final movement of the Salieri mass.  There are some tricky bits in this, but we are getting there!

We then moved on to the Gloria which begins with ‘trumpet calls’ before moving in to a slower 3/4 section.

On P10 and P11, to keep the balance between Alto and Sopranos, some altos need to sing the sop2 line whilst most sops sing sop1 and the remaining altos sing the alto line.

Beware of the nasty page turn from P13 to P14.  Remember no breaths through bars 58 to61, but take a crotchet out of bar 61 and then another quick breath at the end of bar 62.

Remember to take a crotchet out of bar 108, but do not breathe between bar 110 and the sudden piano in bar111.

From P23 where the fugue begins, Sam described the music as mainly scales and said that the important thing is to count carefully!   I hope you found this section easier than I did!!  We will return to it again next week and start the Sanctus.