This week’s rehearsal began with a brief appearance from John Hindley to say that he was home from hospital and beginning to feel better.  He hopes to be singing with us again soon.

At the end of the rehearsal, Liz Sims paid tribute to our longstanding member Barbara Hubble who joined the choir in the mid 1980s.  Barbara not only sang with us but also with the Parish Church choir and Godalming Operatic Society.  She was a strong member of the Soprano section, and their support enabled Barbara to keep singing with us in her later years.  She will be sadly missed.  Details of her funeral were sent out in a previous email.

We thought about Julian and Heather spoke of all the care he had given his mother, which enabled her not only to continue singing but to enjoy life.


We began with the fugue from the Gloria.   After several practices, we are beginning to get the hang of this difficult section.  It would be so much easier if only we could hear each other!

We then moved on to the Sanctus. Sam described this section as radiant, glowing and lively starting with ‘a fanfare’.
A couple of notes on pronunciation:
sabaoth     sa – ba – ot   keep the vowels open
excelsis     eck – shell – cease

We ended by making a start on the Benedictus.  This begins in 2/4 time, but it is probably easier to count 4 quavers.
P53 bar33 slight cresc to ‘di’ in bar 34
P54 bar43 take a quaver out of note on ‘nit’ to allow a breath
Breathe again in bar 45

Next week we will make a start on the Credo, including all the solo sections.