Welcome back to a new term. We began work on Acis and Galatea, starting with ‘O the pleasures of the plains’ and ‘Happy we’ in part 1.
Sam explained that the music was written for a different combination of voices, so some adjustments will have to be made – mainly for the Alto 1 part.  When the score indicates that the Sopranos divide, he asks that they all stay on Sop 1 and that the Sop 2 part is sung by the Alto 1 section.  Details below!

Alto 1 sing Sop 2 as follows:

P7 last bar, after ‘swains’ sing sop 2 line to A on P8.

P9 last bar, after ‘away’ sing sop2 line to end of bar marked C.

Sam felt that we made good progress with these two sections.  He thanked Jamal who was standing in for our new accompanist, Ollie.  Next week we will finish ‘O the pleasure of the plains’ and move on to another section in part 2.