Appointment of Music Director from 5 September 2023

Person Profile

This appointment provides an opportunity for an applicant with the appropriate skills to help to mould the direction of the Society, to raise its profile building on its past successes, and to broaden its appeal to a wider age group.

The successful applicant should have ambition and strong qualities of leadership. They will have wide musical knowledge and experience and will be able to demonstrate competences in all areas of choir leadership. They will have the skills to work comfortably with an amateur choir of varying ability, whilst maximising the singing qualities of all of the members. They will have the personality to engender enthusiasm and commitment by the members, whilst maintaining best use of rehearsal time.

The Society is a member-based organisation, with the management in the hands of a committee of trustees, and the successful candidate will be expected to work within, and to contribute to that environment.

Godalming Choral Society is committed to supporting equal opportunities.

The successful candidate will have most if not all of the following qualities, skills and experience:

• an appropriate musical and teaching qualification, or equivalent experience

• a track record as a successful conductor or assistant conductor of a good quality choral society or choir

• direct experience of the effective organisation and development of such a choral society or choir and a reasonable degree of     project planning and time management skills

• the ability to work within a committee management structure in a collective and consultative style, showing sensitivity and           understanding of the needs of the committee and the members

• a strong sense of humour and an awareness that not everyone is perfect