Resources for our Easter Concert

Please find below a link for free downloadable rehearsal resources by individual voice part for the three works we are performing in our March concert.

The recordings are in .mp3 format so having followed the link you can listen by clicking on the folder for each work, then select your voice part and then each individual chorus movement file – or for greater flexibility right-click on the folder and select download (or select the Download icon in the top right corner) to load all movements to your device so that you can listen whenever suits you without needing internet access.  If downloading to a smartphone you can then listen to your voice part in the background on a continuous loop.

Please Note:

(a) that the Fauré Requiem recordings do not pick out the straightforward Tenor/Bass splits in the final bar(s) of movements 2 and 3 and

(b) that our scores for the Haydn Mass subdivide the movements – so for example movements 3, 4 and 5 in the score, that we will be working on in rehearsal on Tuesday, will be found in these recordings in the second half of ‘2. Gloria’ and at the start of ‘3. Credo’ respectively.

There are other free (but non-downloadable) options e.g. and and also some searchable on YouTube which can offer a rolling score visual accompaniment to the music – as well as non-free alternatives such as ChoraLine, including their CD format – if you prefer to pursue them.

Full performance recordings of all three works are widely available to listen to on YouTube, to stream or buy as a CD.