Accompanist – Job Description

Principal Function

Provide piano accompanist support to the Choir and its Musical Director (MD) during weekly rehearsals, in preparation for a minimum of three performances each year, and to perform in these concerts as required

Job Duties/Responsibilities

  1. Prior to each rehearsal, to prepare the works to be covered.
  2. During rehearsals:
    1. Be prepared to harmonise (by ear) vocal warm-ups as necessary.
    2. Be prepared to play any combination of parts to support the choir’s learning of the repertoire.
    3. Keep a note of instructions and annotations from the MD in the scores, and assist in identifying and managing any discrepancies between editions as required.
    4. Lead and accompany occasional section rehearsals as required.
    5. Serve as the Choir’s Assistant MD, responsible for leading rehearsals in the absence of the MD.
  3. On performance days:
    1. Accompany dress rehearsals for concerts as required.
    2. Accompany the Choir during smaller scale concert performances on piano (or organ, if the accompanist is also an organist).
    3. Play orchestral piano, continuo, or organ parts (as appropriate to the skills of the accompanist) as required.
    4. Join the choir as an additional singer, where keyboard-playing is not needed for a particular work.
  4. Accompany and assist with the delivery of the annual Music Workshop held by the Choir.
  5. Accompany any occasional community performances by the Choir.
  6. Accompany Choir auditions as required. If requested, contribute to evaluating members during re-auditions or assessing prospective members, as part of the audition committee.
  7. If requested, record piano rehearsal aids by voice part for new works or other music for which no rehearsal aids are available commercially.